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The Institute has taken a foremost proposal for strengthening the country's intellectual infrastructure for Technical and Management education and training through the Faculty Development Programmes (FDP). Currently the Institute is gearedup to offer  highest number of FDPs in the campus, reflecting its commitment to nation building through management education and infrastructure development.
The programmes not only focus on enhancing functional area expertise, but also on improving one's classroom delivery both as a teacher and trainer; as well as on enhancing abilities for conducting meaningful research. Faculty development forms an integral part of the employment of all staff and offers a systematic programme of opportunities for individuals, teams and departments to review and enhance their expertise in tune with the objectives of the organization. Accordingly, programmes are designed based on the following specific objectives.

  • To focus on the quality of the professional performance of the members of faculty and

their implementation of curriculum in their roles as facilitators.

  • To update content knowledge in the respective domains.
  • To enrich the repertoire of instructional strategies.
  • To develop collaborative structures and supportive team relationships banking on the diverse strengths of the team.

Proposed FDP Programmes:

  • 22/09/12 “ Innovative Teachning Practices”-Dean Academics, NITE Eluru.