Wireless, GPS, GSM, and Mobile Communication Projects
MT 001 SMS based Device / Home Equipment Control System
MT 002 Remote Motor Speed Control using Cell Phones
MT 003 GPS Based traffic Monitoring system
MT 004 GPS Based fleet Management System
MT 005 Implementation of Mobile/ Cell phone Jamming systems Design
MT 006 Intelligent Security System for industrial Surveillance with GSM & Auto Dialer
MT 007 GSM Based Remote monitoring system for Electronic Energy meters
MT 008 Wireless distributed energy billing system using GSM
MT 009 HNet – a Home Network System with Mobile Communication
MT 010 Distance Measuring using Ultrasonic Technology
MT 011 An ultrasonic obstacle avoidance system for fire fighting robot
MT 012 Secured Wireless Communication with OFDM
MT 013 RF Based Wireless Encryption And Decryption Message Transfer System for Military Applications
MT 014 coding and decoding technique for secured data communication
MT 015 On Line Dynamic Code Acquisition For Spread Spectrum Systems
MT 016 Single Photon Quantum Cryptography
MT 017 Pseudo Random Code modulation based Secured Data Communication
MT 018 Frequency jammer as a life guard
MT 019 Frequency jammer as a life guard with WAP
MT 020 Energy Efficient Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
MT 021 Contact less Measurement Of Emission Of Automobiles
MT 022 Remote Monitoring and control using Mobile phones
MT 023 Network enabled Electronic Digital televoting machine
MT 024 OFDM Based Wireless Encryption/Decryption of Transfer of Messages
MT 025 Wireless Accident indication Via Vibration sensors Using RF Technology
MT 026 Anti Collision System in Railway Using GSM and GSP- Intelligent Train System with GPS
MT 027 GPS & GSM based remote Accident indication System with location indication
MT 028 GPS based Active Fleet Management- Automated Vehicle Tracking system with Dual channel communication system
MT 029 GSP based intelligent Guided Vehicle with Collision Mitigation
MT 030 Advanced Automatic Vehicle Crash Notification using GSM Technology
MT 031 Advanced GSM based Theft Vehicle notification System using Remote Pc
MT 032 Advanced remote accident report system for highways using GSM network & PC
MT 033 GSM based advanced home / industrial automation controller system
MT 034 Cell Phone Jammer - Implementation of Highly Effective Mobile / Cell Phone Jammer
MT 035 Prepaid electricity system automation with contact less proximity card & card reader
MT 036 Control Design for Vehicle Speed using Wireless Communication Technology
MT 037 Automatic Vehicle Register System for Highways on Toll plazas
MT 038 Tracking Moving Person's Location (Position) Finder In Multi-Story’s Building / Complex / Hospital / Industry using System Networking
MT 039 Home/Industrial Automation using GSM With Voice Feedback.
MT 040 Smart palm device for industrial parameter Monitoring System using RF
MT 041 Control of substation equipments thro mobile phone
MT 042 Mobile Password Activation System for industrial applications
MT 043 Tracking Moving Person's Location (Position) Finder In Multi-Story’s Building / Complex / Hospital / Industry using System Networking
MT 044 Embedded system based highway monitoring system and control
Ivrs and Voice Recognition Projects
MT 045 Ivrs based electronic tele-voting system
MT 046 IVRS Based smart home automation with voice feedback.
MT 047 Voice controlled household device Activation and Control System
MT 048 Voice controlled complete protection system for Home/Industries
MT 049 IVRS Based Home Automation With Immediate Voice Feedback
MT 050 Wireless Home Automation System Using Telephone Lines with WAP
MT 051 Speech Recognition based complete Car Security System
MT 052 Voice Activated Multipurpose robots
Bio - Medical and CAN Projects
MT 053 Zigbee Based Hospital Automation with online graph and WAP
MT 054 Infant Incubator Parameter Sensing & Monitoring through ZIGBEE Wireless
MT 055 Eye ball Sensor for automatic wheel chair movement for paralysed patients
MT 056 SMART Coat with biomedical sensors for walking patients Collision/Accident Avoidence system using Ultrsonic Sensors
MT 057 SMART palm device for industrial parameter Monitoring System using RF
MT 058 ICU Care Taker-Life Support System using RF with BP Monitoring
MT 059 Medi Care Patient Monitoring System with BP using RF
MT 060 DsPIC Based Automated Peritoneal Dialysis with PC Interface
MT 061 Automatic Anesthesia controller with respiratory system using Heart beat Sensor
MT 062 ICU Support System using RF with BP Monitoring
MT 063 Bluetooth enabled ICU Support System with SMS to Doctors using mobile Phones
MT 064 Micro Controller Based Standalone Temperature Measurement System
MT 065 Smart Medi Kit- Care Taking System for Elderly Persons/Patients with Auto Dialer
MT 066 Bed Side Patient Monitoring System with Automatic SMS system using GSM Technology
MT 067 Medicare System for Hospital Automation
MT 068 IR Based Human Radiation detection online
MT 069 PC Based emergency ambulance calling system
MT 070 PC Based body Temperature measurement and control
MT 071 Automatic anesthesia feeder based on respiratory
MT 072 Synchronized DC Defibrillator with PC Interface
MT 073 Stand-alone Synchronized DC Defibrillator with LCD Interface
MT 074 A Smart Patient parameter reading device using GSM Technology
MT 075 Smart Medical Automated System Handheld Device with Wireless technology
MT 076 Hand Talk-Assistive Technology for the Dumb
MT 077 Real Time Remote Patient Wireless Heart Beat & Status Monitoring using RF Technology
MT 078 A versatile drop foot stimulator for research applications
MT 079 Hand Talk using Flex sensors with voice indication.
MT 080 Finger Plethysmograph for glucometry
MT 082 I-Ball movement Detector
MT 083 Wireless telemetry system for the transmission of ECG signals
MT 084 Anesthesia Machine Model With AEP Simulator
MT 085 Stimulation of paralyzed muscle using IR
MT 086 Respiration rate monitor (using piezoelectric sensor)
MT 087 Heart rate measurement by optical method (Photoelectric)
MT 088 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Using Oscillometric method
MT 089 Digital pulmonary function test using Microcontroller (DPFT)
MT 090 ECG Recording on a Bed During Sleep
MT 091 Monitoring system for premature babies
MT 092 Web/wap based system for remote monitoring patients with data mining support.
MT 093 RF Based Wireless Complete Body Scanning System Using WAP
MT 094 RF Based Medi-Kits for Houses with Emergency Dialer.
MT 095 RF Based Wire less Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System
MT 096 Complete automation of automobile control system using CAN
MT 097 Control of process parameters in Industries using CAN
MT 098 Lift controllers using CAN Technology
MT 099 Portable Lift for Carrying House Hold Items
MT 100 Multichannel Missing Event Detector
MT 101 Multichannel Missing Event Detector with Voice Indication
MT 102 Battery Voltage and Current Monitoring for 8 Batteries
MT 103 Master / Slave Control System for Process Industries
MT 104 Vehicle speed management system
MT 105 CAN based car security system
MT 106 CAN Based Collision avoidance system for automobiles